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Concept of the Hotel Sonneck in Schwäbisch Hall

All spheres of competence by Hotel Sonneck (culinary art/gourmet, sport, business and seminar) are targeted to all senses.

Thus the guiding theme of the house is:

Browse in the guiding theme of the company Sonneck as well as the owner family Klenk and learn more about the hotel and the staff:
Our staff, the family “Klenk“ distinguishes itself by an extraordinary high degree of estimating each other, loyalty, and a strong solidarity.


We, the family Klenk, are managing the Sonneck honestly and conscientiously. Everyone in our management team is integrated in important decisions and therefore he can accordingly play a part, show initiative and have his hand in advancement and further development of the company. The areas of responsibility are clearly structured and everyone of our family is always trying to motivate his staff members and to encourage them. The family Klenk always has an open ear for the staff’s wishes and sorrows – the job-related ones as well as the private ones – and they are on hand with help and advice.


We employ the best available members of staff in all areas of our company, who share the philosophy of the house and are always endeavoured in our guests’ satisfaction. It is of great weight for us to create an excellent working climate and an atmosphere of teamwork and solidarity.

Our staff’s further education

We continue to develop by self-consistent and responsible working, by the good cooperation within and between the departments, by the realization of our guests‘and our staff’s suggestions, as well as by the strong dedication to quality and service. The staff members are consequently further educated according to a training concept generated by the family Klenk (internal - and external by the Gemax academy) , to cope with the high standards of quality and performance.

Public relations

We from Sonneck are cultivating carefully and consequently the good relations with the environment of Sonneck. This includes: neighbours, suppliers, policy, administration, banks and the further public.

Quality of our service

Our cooperation partners’ (Gemax) standards are obligatory for the adherence of the high quality standard for our service. We constantly test tour guests‘consumer satisfaction with the instruments overnight test stay, test eating and “Mystery Check”.

Quality of raw materials

In all areas of company only perfect products are utilized, which satisfy the highest quality standards. As far as possible we use the potentials of the surroundings, utilize and use products of local producers and growers above all.

Management of reclamation

We take our guests` wishes and suggestions for serious and regard them as an order to improve our quality standard thereby.


In all areas of company there are the best hygienic preconditions which outrun the measures regulated by law largely.


The protection of environment is an important concern to the family Klenk. We are handling the nature carefully and with care we pay attention to the natural resources. We are prudent to a responsible disposal of waste and wastewater and we are struggling for ideal answers in the packaging area. We are regarding waste removal, re-use, recycling and in general, a responsible and careful handling with natural resources as our contribution to preservation and protection.


The connection to art is very important for us, the family Klenk. By living with and by the integration of art within the company we would like to render this connection also possible to our staff and guests. In the Sonneck the family Klenk offers local artists frame, room and devotion to their art.

Succession in the company

Also in the next generation the Sonneck is going to remain a family enterprise. The succession is retained by daughter Stephanie Klenk, a skilled cook and by son Patrick, a qualified hotelier. The alternation of generations will be transacted until at the latest 2020.

Commercial profit

In addition to the guests’ and staff‘s satisfaction the main attention is put to the financial success of the company. The family Klenk wants to be economically successful and they want to work profitably. The success of the company assures sustainably the substance of Sonneck, its future and thus our staff members‘ jobs.

Development and advancement

The orientation to the further development of our company and towards healthy is an important concern to us. We have recognized the meaning of this sector in the life of many human beings and in society and we avow ourselves to provide a contribution to the preservation and the aid for our guests‘ healthiness and wellness. The development of our hotel and the advancement of the theme healthiness and sport will be one of our most important challenges for the next years.

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